Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Steampunk Skeleton Theatre

This is my latest project for Alpha Stamps. We were provided some of these fun boxes to create a theatre. I knew I had to take this in a steampunk direction and the skeletons for some reason soon followed.  To be totally honest, my creative mojo has been in a bit of a funk, so I decided to embrace the darker side.

To see all the fun goodies I got to play with from Alpha Stamps you can go here.  One way I added layers here was with the use of transparencies.  I used the Round Things Collage Sheet, which was printed on transparency, and then just ran the images through my Create a sticker machine.  This is a great technique for collaging.

I also thought the use of decorative tape to cover the piece was clever.  I can be a bit of a lazy crafter at times, so using tape on odd shapes makes for super quick creative coverage.  If it is too bold for your piece you can always add a color wash, glaze or shabby coat of paint over it!

Here's to finding my summer mojo folks!




  1. I'm sorry you're in a funk, but I like the creepy vibe :)

  2. What decorative tape exactly? I neeeeed some! As always, this is super cool.

  3. I like the combination of steam punk and skeletons. The decorated bag is a great idea. Well done.

  4. Rhea, love the skeletons and vibe of your theatre. That pretty blue curtain makes an impression among all the black and white going on. Also, the lace and softness at the top makes a wonderful contrast to the skeletons. Great tip on running the transparencies through the Xyron...I'll use that in future. :)

  5. Love, love, LOVE! always great to embrace the dark side. Even better with Steampunk. Fabulous creation! xxD

  6. Theater and steampunk, my favorite it!


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