Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peace with Graphic 45

The inspiration for this project stems from the tumultuous times happening in the Ukraine right now.  One of our fellow design team members on Graphic 45Olga, lives there and this project is made with loving and peaceful thoughts for her and her people.

I knew I wanted to make a peace sign with flowers in the classic hippy style.  Bohemian Bazaar and Mother Goose made for a perfect mash up for this theme.  My origional plan was to glue them on canvas.  I found that it really did not work when I was auditioning it.  Perhaps it was the background, or the scale of the canvas, but I knew I was not getting the effect I wanted.

A free form structure was my next thought and I managed to find a press board wreath ring on hand.  The middle portions of the peace sign were simply added with additional chipboard strips.  I used a heavy craft glue to attach all the flowers.  Those were made previously, and I gave them time to dry.

Then it was easy, I just glued my flowers to my frame, layering lots of them.  I made way to many flowers, so this is actually double sided.  Since I had them done, I figured why not!  The ribbon holder was glued in as I was assembling the piece.  Easy Peasy.

Now I must say, I know this project was a hit because my favorite eight year old took it home for room decor.  Melts my heart.  




  1. Beautiful and appropriate, Rhea. Prayers for the people of Ukraine, too.

  2. A lovely project. I hope all is well with your Ukrainian friend.


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