Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Hope Box

With this post it is my hope that the Christmas spirit finds me!  It has been late in coming this year, but I have a feeling the lack of time left  and the constant fall of snow outside will help it to emerge.  Showing off this cute upcycled box may just do the trick as well.

I made this project for Graphic 45 with their latest Christmas collection, 12 Days of Christmas.

It started out as an old cigar box.  I reinforced the lid with masking tape since the paper holding it together was brittle and old.

On the top I embellished with lots of 12 Days flowers.  I love how Graphic 45 makes embellishing work so easy with all their coordinating accessories.

A few extra leaves, die cuts and embellishments and I had totally revamped a crusty old box.  Note my love of tape continues along the edges with some tissue tape by Tim Holtz.

To keep the vintage look going, I was sure to ink my edges to create shadows, edges and interest.

I even made the inside cute with a bit more paper.  This is one of my favorites in the collection.  I imagine this could be a fun box to add a few exotic spices and recipes in.   Or perhaps I could fill it with vintage craft supplies for one of my artsy pals.  Last idea could be to use it as a junk box and add in all the notes, cards, receipts and lists from your holiday season to capture memories in a unique way.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of Christmas cheer!  I hope it multiplies with this post!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Love it! Graphic 45 has the most beautiful paper out there, need to get into my stash and cover some old cigar boxes. You always have the neatest project on your blog!

  2. A fun box, full of the Christmas spirit.


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