Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Banner with Packing Tape Transfer

Today I am going to show off a basic image transfer with packing tape.  This is a very simple technique that makes for a wonderful way to layer imagery. Here is a sneak peek of the finished project.

To start you need to be sure that your color copies are toner based.  Most printers for the home are ink jet printers and this technique will not work.  You can get your images printed off at a shop, or you can order them from Alpha Stamps and they will work perfectly.

As you can see from the inside label I used Scotch Sealing Tape.  I have successfully used this with regular old packing tape as well.  A non-stick craft mat is super handy for this project, but it can be done without.

Prepare your images.  Keep in mind that if there is a colored background, this will transfer too.  Since I did not want those backgrounds, I chose to fussy cut two of my images.  Add the tape on top of the image.

Burnish your images well with a bone folder.  This step is important.

Peel your work off the mat and spritz with water.  I let the water soak in for a few moments to saturate the paper.

Begin to rub off the paper with your finger.  I typically work from the inside out.  Add more water as you go and keep the paper very wet.

Continue to rub until the paper is gone.  Magically the ink is left behind on the tape.

Add your image to your chosen background.  You can see here that some of the stamped image is showing through, which is what makes this so cool.  If you had just fussy cut the image it would not look nearly as blended in.  Now these still had enough "stick" on the tape that I burnished them onto the pennants.  I would recommend adding them with matte medium though.

Check out those lovely embossed bats I used too.  Super fun and easy. I simply embossed an image on the black chipboard bat and then finished it with a rubbing of gilders paste.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and resourceful way to add imagery to your work.




  1. Great, easy to understand tutorial. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Love them. Your house must look like a Halloween wonderland.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful project Rhea. Love the effect the transfer gives. I must try this! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. Thank you for the very easy tutorial. I love the banner.

  5. Great tutorial! Many thanks!


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