Sunday, April 22, 2012

New creative space

So this weekend I expressed my creativity in a bit of a different way, I made a really useful home office.  My house is quite large for just me and I have a few rooms that could use some love, purchasing a nice desktop computer and printer inspired me.  I had a bistro height table left over from my last place that was re-purposed it as a desk, the extra height is lovely.

Sorry about the overexposure in the photo above.  The room gets so much light so I was really not able to get a good shot, but I hope you get the idea.  The computer and a new color printer are going to be a huge asset to my creative work.  I think this may end up be the place I bead as well.  My studio space in the basement has never been conductive to this kind of work.

Along the wall I have a bank of shelves that were installed by some amazing friends.  Here resides a good portion of my books along with a bunch of personal mementos.  As I was sorting through things and reorganizing I came across some personal treasures.  My great grandfather Henry Salo had a brilliant creative mind.  I like to think that some of my artistry is channeled through him.  I came across a puppet he made from a sock, buttons, yarn, a rubber band and a hanger.

I also found these place mats that he wove, they make me smile.  I have a few other treasures made by the hands of my ancestors. I hold these items and memories close to my heart and try and tap into that energetic support as I continue to try expand my artistic offerings.  

While I may not have a cool book to show off, or a neat piece of assemblage, I still feel artistically complete as I write my first blog post on my new computer.  I have a feeling I am going to write a lot of good things in my new creative space.  




  1. The room looks lovely, I am trying to get my house organized, it is taking some time but it will happen:)

  2. Looks great! Lot's of creativity goes into organizing. Enjoyed seeing the puppet and weaving from your Great Grandfather. Talent runs in the family.

  3. Congratulations on the new computer and printer; I look forward to seeing all the creative things you do with them. And, how cool to have inspirational treasures in your new office space.


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