Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pure Michigan

It has been a bit quiet around here because I have been off enjoying the splendor of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  I have loads of family that resides up here and I try to come up this way at least annually.  This trip was amazing as it always is. I spent time exploring, going to a hockey game, making pasties with family, taking in nature, gathering apples and plums, canning, shopping, checking in on my ancestors and spending quality time with family.  A beautiful trip overall, but as I type, I am anxious to get home tomorrow. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this trip was my discovery of the love of the art of canning.  I made tomato sauce, apple plum chutney, bruschetta, salsa and a wonderful apple spread.  I found the process very similar to creating art.  I just love to transform things into something else.   

I poked around a few mining ruins that are off the beaten path.

I found inspiration and art in churches and art galleries.


I took in the stunning peak of color season in the UP.


This is the monastery where the monks of the Jampot reside.  Heading up here has become part of my annual pilgrimage.  They sell delightful baked goods, jams, jellies and candies.  Not too far from the Jampot is one of Michigan's lovely waterfalls.  



Just one of the beautiful views from atop Brockway Mountain.


I even managed to get here...

I can't wait to put all the inspiration I gained in motion when I return to my creative space.  Thanks for joining me for a tiny sample of my UP journey.




  1. Gorgeous photos, Rhea! Glad you had a productive and relaxing trip. I love our beautiful state!!

  2. Beautiful pics Rhea! Need to head that way myself sometime. Wave "Hi" as you drive south on 75 through Gaylord.

  3. What a great get away you had! You will be so happy this winter with all your yummy canned goods.

  4. WOW! You should be a tour guide, all the great pics you have offered us "fireside travelers". Thanks for showing us a little piece of your world...

  5. I feel much the same way about canning... even though it can be hard work it is so worthwhile. :) Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos. Smiles ~ Brandi

  6. Great posting! Cheers to you, Stargazer!

  7. Great photos. It sounds like you had a well deserved wonderful time.


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