Saturday, May 25, 2013

Junk Book: Ribbon Binding Tutorial

After many requests, here is a photo tutorial for how to assemble this simple junk book with a ribbon binding. With the right stuff on hand, I was able to put this together in  just a few hours.  Here is a link for all items used over at Alpha Stamps.  I have also included a video tour at the end, if you are inclined to listen to me blather on about this fun little book.

I started with a few supplies from Alpha Stamps:

Tim Holtz Worn Cover
Seam Binding
Sturdy Card stock Scrapbook Paper
pockets, tags, 
Dazzles, Tim Holtz Rub ons.
Tim Holtz mini cling stamps. (fell in love!)

To start off, I cut 10 pieces of quality scrapbook paper to measure 8 3/4 inches long by 6 1/2 inches tall.

I creased each of them in half with a bone folder to make my initial ten signatures.

I cut each piece of seam binding randomly to achieve a staggered look.  The strands of ribbon will need to be twice the height of your book plus extra for tying and hanging.  I would say each of my pieces are at least twenty inches.  I tend to work around measuring when I can.  You will need one strand for each signature, for this book, I had ten.

In order to mimic gilded pages, I added silver gilders paste to the edges  It works very nice on paper as well as metal and wood.  

Each signature is tied into the book with a bit of seam binding or ribbon.  I tie a double not and be sure that the ribbon is lying where I want it.

Charms are then added to some of the ribbon strands.  It is also a good idea to trim up the ends to make it appear balanced and finished.

And then you begin to embellish.  I just love the new fairy vials, I simply added a postal stamp inside this one to make a clever charm.  If you would like to take a closer look inside, and to find a few tips and tricks, I have included a video tour.




  1. your art has dazzled and amazed me for years this is so beautiful it just awes me..please never stop making the beautiful things you do.
    susan s

  2. Awesome as usual! Do you teach? If not you should! Even on-line classes...I would sign up!

    Great job Rhea!

  3. WOW! This is gorgeous. Love all the charms on the ribbon.


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