Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Travel Junk Book

I just had to make another great junk book with a ton of great stuff from Alpha Stamps.  The response to my last one included many requests as to how to put on of these together, so here is a tutorial and video tour. The new worn cover by Tim Holtz, allowed for a super simple version of this book, which I created on one Sunday morning.  Yes, indeed, you heard that right, I made this in a morning craft session...from start to finish.

This time I chose to got with a travel theme for my book.  I chose a few charms and talisman to give my book a bit of movement and soul.  I love the capsule where there is a postal stamp tucked inside.  I also love the compass rose and the Eiffel Tower, great nods to the theme. 

In this version of my junk book I used three different colors of seam binding instead of dying my own silk ribbon.  This took off a lot of time and mess off the project and still provided a great result with varying color.  

Inside I used all kids of fun stuff.  I would go through my packages of stuff in my stash, choose a pile of ephemera, and then flip through and apply everything I chose from that selection.  

Here is just a tiny sample of what lies inside.  Lots of pockets, bits of tape, things tucked inside and tons of postal goodness.  I just adore the postal theme.  I seriously can't get enough.

Stay tuned.  Later this week I will be posting a video tour of this book along with a photo tutorial on how to assemble.




  1. Another fabulous book.. love all your nooks and crannies. The ribbons with doodads adds that special little touch.

  2. It looks chuck full of delights to hold, touch and look at.

  3. Oh this is lovely, I am very interested in how you put it together those scrumptious ribbons hanging out have me baffled.


  4. How beautiful Rhea I love this book it is beautiful beautiful !
    Love the fun ribbons with all the wonderful gadgets and the papers are beautiful. Love the different sizes..just totally love this!
    susan s

  5. This is just gorgeous! I love it!

  6. Very cool!! I look forward to seeing how you assemble it. =)

  7. Is it an already made book, or did you make the book and added in your pages? If so, how did you get the spine for this book? I've made a book myself once and didn't like my spine for it. I'm making another book, but I don't want to use the same idea again for a spine and want something better and innovative this time.


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